Netflix Announces Action Movie Trigger Warning With Jessica Alba After Tyler Rake Success

With films like Triple Frontier, 6 in the Shadows and the most recent Tyler Rake, it has become clear that Netflix is ​​committed to action when it comes to enhancing its original productions and they will continue to do so for a time.

This feeling has been evident when announcing Trigger Warning, the next original action movie for the platform that will feature veteran actress Jessica Alba as the protagonist.

The direction of the project will be borne by Mouly Surya, as Variety has learned, with the script of the story being the responsibility of the duo formed by Josh Olson and John Brancato.

The synopsis that has been released realizes that Alba will play a traumatized war veteran who inherits her father’s bar and faces a complicated moral dilemma when she discovers the truth about his death.

Sources in the media believe that this is the beginning of a new franchise in which the company has high hopes after seeing the success that films such as the aforementioned Tyler Rake have garnered.

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At the moment there is no more information about this work, when it will start production or when it will be time to release it. It is interesting to see that there are hopes that it will really succeed, even thinking of a complete franchise. When the time comes we will see if this hypothetical saga ends up being the John Wick of Netflix.


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