Netflix: announced the animated series of the video game DOTA 2

For several years Netflix has entered the world of animation by producing several original anime and also offering some works dedicated to video games. Let’s discover the new addition relating to this last category.

Among the games that in the past have obtained an animated version produced by the American giant we can remember Dragon’s Dogma and the violent series of Castelvania and together with them we will soon be able to see DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. The work, taken from Valve’s DOTA 2 video game, will consist of 8 episodes lasting 30 minutes each and the distribution on the platform is scheduled for March 25.

The production is entrusted to Studio ME, known for the animations of The Legend of Korra, and will be supervised by Ashley Edward Miller, who commented on the announcement stating that fans of the game will love the way the universe of DOTA 2 has been interpreted and that exciting and grown-up stories have been given to the characters that compose it. He also reassured the quality of the animations, music and acting by adding a thanks to Valve support.

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On the cover of the news we can see the trailer of the new series in which the character of Davion is presented, the protagonist of the story, and shown while fighting a dragon. The narration will in fact follow the adventures of the man who, following the meeting with an ancient eldwurm and with the princess Mirana, will be involved in various events beyond his imagination.

What do you think of this new animated product? Let us know with a comment.

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