Netflix: anime news streaming in July 2020

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During June on Netflix we could see the long awaited second season of Baki and the new film by Mari Okada is Junichi Sato, A Whisker Away. The month of June was full of surprises for fans of Japanese animation, but July does not seem to be less, and what better way to deal with the summer heat if not watching the new anime arriving on the streaming platform. After taking a look at the news of the Netflix TV Series Catalog of July 2020 and the Netflix Film Catalog of July 2020, the time has come to discover the anime productions arriving during the month.

5 cm per second (July 1)

The story of 5 cm per second is divided into three episodes focused on Takaki is Akari. The two have been friends since childhood and over the years their relationship has matured to the point that they no longer see themselves as simple friends. Unfortunately, Takaki and Akari are forced to leave: Takaki has to move to another city. Just before they have to separate, the two manage to see each other and give each other the first kiss, and decide to stay in touch in some way.

Years pass, Takaki has grown up, now he attends high school, and in his life he arrives Kanae, who is in love with him. In these years, however, the young man has never forgotten the moments lived with Akari and what he feels for her.
5 cm per second is the second feature by Makoto Shinkai, after Beyond the clouds, the place promised us.

The film was distributed in Japanese cinemas in 2007, while in Italy it was presented the year after Future Film Festival, where he won the prize for best animated feature film; but the film was only released in Italian cinemas in May 2019, thanks to Dynit is Nexo Digital.
Starting from July, 5 cm per second is added to the other titles directed by Makoto Shinkai already available on Netflix, including Beyond the clouds, the promised place and Your Name.

Akame ga Kill! (July 1)

After making his debut on VVVVID last March, Akame ga KIll !, adaptation of the manga by Takahiro is Tetsuya Tashiro, is added to the anime catalog of Netflix.
Tatsumi decides to move to Capital of the Empire to join the army and earn enough to help his village of origin, burdened by constant taxes. Although apparently the capital may seem an ideal place to live, it hides a dark secret: in addition to corruption and increasingly rampant poverty, aristocrats control the city and can act undisturbed and unpunished, because they are untouchable and protected by the Emperor and by the Prime Minister.

L'Revolutionary Army he opposes this climate of terror and injustice and strives for a better future. To defeat the empire, the rebels formed the group Night Raid: chosen assassins who act in the shadows. Before he could be one of the numerous victims of the aristocrats, Tatsumi is saved by the group of assassins. After spending time with them, learning how they act, and making a bond, the protagonist agrees to embrace their cause and free the empire from corruption and evil.

Inuyasha (July 1)

Last October, the first two seasons of Inuyasha arrived on the streaming platform; in July, however, the other debuts, but at the moment we do not yet know exactly which ones.
After being kidnapped by a demon inside a well, the student Kagome Higurashi is found in Feudal Japan.

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Kagome discovers he is in possession of the Sphere of the Four Spirits and to be the descendant of the priestess Kikyo. This has imprisoned the half-demon in a tree Inuyasha, who tried to take over the Sphere to become a complete demon. During the clash with the demon of the well, who wants to gain the power of the Sphere, Kagome is forced to free Inuyasha to save herself.

Later the two face a raven demon who stole the Sphere of the Four Spirits, but the girl, in knocking it down with an arrow, hits the magical object that is shattered: the fragments scatter in the various regions of the country. Kagome and Inuyasha embark on a long journey through Japan and will face formidable demons, to recompose the Sphere of the Four Spirits.

Inuyasha is the transposition of the homonymous comic by Rumiko Takahashi, prolific mangaka that among other works he has also created Lum is Ranma ½. The half-demon anime has become one of the most popular in 2000; in Italy he arrived on MTV, in the time slot Anime Night. Recently, the animation studio Sunrise, who oversaw the adaptation, announced that he is working on the sequel (scheduled for autumn) Hanyo no Yashahime, starring the daughters of Inuyasha and his brother Sesshomaru.

The Tatami Galaxy (July 1)

One autumn evening, in a ramen kiosk, a lone third year university student comes across a mysterious egg-headed man, who calls himself the God of Marriage. The meeting with the mysterious figure leads the protagonist to retrace the last two years of study and to rethink his actions: in this period he became friends with Ozu, a demonic-headed man, who took him on the wrong track and whose sole purpose is to make his life miserable.

Determined to change his life, the protagonist decides to invite him out Akashi, a shy and generous student, but she can't do it, which is why she starts to regret not having lived the last few years differently. For the student begins a dreamlike journey through time and space, as a new opportunity to change life.

The Tatami Galaxy is the animated adaptation of the novel by Tomihiko Morimi by the studio Madhouse, and directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Devilman: Crybaby); the series debuted in Japan in 2010, but arrived in Italy in 2015, thanks to Dynit who distributed it on the on demand platform VVVVID.

Japan Sinks: 2020 (July 9)

At the end of the Tokyo Olympics, a strong earthquake hits Japan. Brothers Ayumu is Go they try to escape to a now destroyed city. Following the earthquake, the Japanese archipelago is destined to slowly sink.

After the success of Devilman: Crybaby, the animation studio Science SARU and the director Masaaki Yuasa realize Japan Sinks: 2020, a new Netflix anime, freely inspired by the post apocalyptic novel Nihon chinbotsu of Sakyo Komatsu. The series will be available for streaming worldwide starting July 9th.

At the moment these are the news planned for the month of July: between the second film by Makoto Shinkai, dictatorial regimes, souls that we could define cult, dream trips and a new Netflix exclusive, you are spoiled for choice. Which title are you most looking forward to?

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