Neon Genesis Evangelion becomes fashion with the streetwear line inspired by the anime

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Thinking about Neon Genesis Evangelion the philosophical dilemmas of the protagonists or the futuristic scenario of Neo Tokyo and the Evangelion, those mechas that have become famous all over the world, immediately come to mind. No one would think of associating it with clothes, except for the suits that pilots need to drive the giant robots.

The new 1000 Euro Neon Genesis Evangelion figurines have arrived in Japan, but it is not the only fresh production product dedicated to the franchise. Premium Bandai has exploited the talent of the fashion designer Kan Furuya, known in Japan for his rock-style creations, to prepare new Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed clothes for the Glamb brand.

Furuya then took the main characters Shinji, Rei and Asuka and combined them with some illustrations and patterns to create his streetwear in the style of Neon Genesis Evangelion. T-shirts have a cost of 7590 yen each (almost 70 euros) including taxes and you can see some examples in the link to the source. In addition to the trio of protagonists, an additional jersey is dedicated to the famous EVA-01 mecha, the purple one led by Shinji Ikari.

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Meanwhile, in Italy the dubbing of Neon Genesis Evangelion has returned with new individuals to the direction.

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