NBA scandal: a Harden mate in invalidated by a visual effect

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Scandal in the NBA. James Harden was one of the proper names of the Houston Rockets – San Antonio Spurs. The Texas franchise achieved a comeback 'in extremis' (135-133) and 'The beard' signed one of the weirdest mates of the season: one that did not go up to the scoreboard.

The Rockets won by 22 points in the second half, but the last 4:18 minutes were decisive for the comeback of the team led by Gregg Popovich.

However, the networks have been left with the anecdote of the party. A Harden mate did not count for an arbitration error. The force of 'The beard' caused the net to push the ball up again, making the referees believe that he had not entered.

After the game, the NBA account published a transcript of an interview with one of the referees. "It seemed that the ball had come out of him by force. When that happens, it is an interference basket. Then, after reviewing it, we saw that it went through the network and should have told "he explained.

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"On having reviewed the play: it is a reviewable play. They have a margin of 30 seconds to request the review, but it happened to them. They asked for it later"He added. Harden officially finished the game with 50 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists.

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