Naughty Dog excited about The Last of Us Part 2: "Redefine Triple A games"

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The postponement of The Last of Us Part 2 it certainly did not please the fans very much, but it was necessary for Naughty Dog to refine all aspects of the game. And the result obviously has to be pretty positive, given that the game director Anthony Newman he seems really excited about the game.

Newman tweeted all of his hype towards the game, obviously raising the bar of fans' expectations, writing: "We're going to redefine Triple A games in 2020". In short, enthusiasm skyrocketing.

Even the players, of course it is, can't wait to get their hands on the highly anticipated title. Rarely Naughty Dog he delivered games to the public that were unsuccessful, and the studio has been working on storytelling, presentation, characters and more for years, and already at the time of the sequence shown at theE3 2018 it was clear that they were doing things big.

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For the moment we just have to wait a few more days: The Last of Us Part 2 will be present at PAX East in playable form, so we can finally touch with hand what Newman anticipated in the tweet.

In the meantime, it has been reiterated that The Last of Us Part 2 will be a PlayStation exclusive, so rumors have been denied that a PC version.

What do you expect from the great return of Naughty Dog?

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