Natalie Portman in love with Elena Ferrante: “It is addictive”

Even an Oscar winner like Natalie Portman was conquered by Elena Ferrante, the author of The Lying Life of Adults, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery.

With an Instagram post in which she immortalized herself with the last masterpiece of the Neapolitan writer, the actress revealed to her followers that she is totally addicted to her writing and that she was particularly struck by his sometimes ruthless but fascinating stories.

“Elena Ferrante’s writing is fierce, brutally honest and totally compelling. Her Neapolitan series and Days of Abandonment are among my favorite books ever, the kind of books you regret finishing because you feel so connected to the characters and their experiences. So the release of his latest book, The Lying Life of Adults is the ultimate in my life right now and I am so excited to be making a teenager story struggling with her family history. Read these books with me and let me know what you think with me. “

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Many wonder who is hiding behind the pseudonym of Elena Ferrante who, over the years, has achieved extraordinary success by selling over 10 million copies both in Italy and abroad. The lying life of adults will soon also become a Netflix series and, the most avid readers hope that this production can match the extraordinary success of L’amica geniale. We’ll see.


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