NASA scientists say they have found evidence of a parallel universe where time goes backwards

The existence of Parallel universes It is something that is not limited to science fiction and for years scientists have studied theories that speak of this possibility. Evidence of the existence of a parallel universe was emerging in 2015 and it is now when a group of scientists says they have found a neighboring universe where time works contrary to how it does here.

The particles are going the wrong way!

According to information published by the New York Post, scientists in charge of a cosmic ray detection experiment in Antarctica have discovered what they believe is evidence that points to a parallel universe where the laws of physics differ from ours.

They claim that they have detected high-energy particles emerging from Antarctica, which is the opposite of what is expected of the behavior of these particles since they should only be detected when they come from space. “Detecting a heavier particle – a tauonic neutrino – coming out of the earth would imply that that particle is actually traveling back in time” can be read in the publication.

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Researchers believe that this parallel universe was the result of the Big Bang 13 billion years ago, when not only would our universe have formed, so would this other one they are talking about now.

“The strange discovery was made in 2016. Since then, all kinds of suggestions based on known physics have been carried out in order to explain the signal and all have been discarded. What we have left is shocking because of its implications. Explaining this signal requires the existence of a chaotic universe. In this mirror world, positive is negative, the left is right and time goes backward”

Of course in the scientific community a hypothesis like this has not been unanimously accepted by all professionals and many questions that the only explanation is that of the parallel universe. Particle physicist Peter Gorham, the lead author of the paper documenting the phenomenon he has called upside-down cosmic-ray shower (something like inverted cosmic ray rain), clarified that “Not everyone is comfortable with this hypothesis”


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