Naruto: the clash between Kakashi and Obito reinterpreted in a fanmade animated video

As many will surely know, that of Naruto is a franchise that in the course of its long history – still in progress – has been able to establish itself within the industry as one of the most important animated and printed products of all time, an epic that has been able to conquer readers and viewers from all corner of the globe.

The work has in fact managed to bewitch a boundless audience thanks to its countless merits, including beautifully characterized characters – reproduced in countless cospleys and fan art – and a story as intriguing as it is exciting. In particular, the brand has seen the appearance of an infinity of simply memorable clashes, no holds barred challenges that have remained etched in the hearts of many fans.

Among the many, there is also the battle that saw as protagonists Kakashi and Obito, a battle well known to the public that a fan in particular – known on Reddit as UrSain – tried to reinvent through a fanmade animation. The result, as can be viewed at the bottom of the news, although it still appears “crude” in various respects, deserves all the acclaim it has received, especially if it is considered that was made in 26 tiring hours of work, for a total of 290 frames used, a dedication to say the least commendable.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that just recently a magnificent Naruto Shippuden themed statue was unveiled and specifically dedicated to Hashirama.


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