Naruto: the characters in the series become kittens thanks to these cute figures

Within the rich industry of anime and manga, it is not uncommon to see productions that have proved capable of becoming so famous as to become involved in marketing campaigns and in the strangest initiatives, works which include the great and well-known epic of Naruto, which now has millions and millions of fans.

Speaking of unusual initiatives – removed the amazing statues that often and willingly manage to steal the hearts of the most willing collectors -, Naruto himself has been involved in what many would call an idea at least "peculiar". The MegaTreaShop company has in fact decided to capitalize on production by creating a curious line of figures dedicated to some of the most famous protagonists of Naruto, however, offering them in a feline version.

As can be seen from the image at the bottom of the news, the product line, entitled Nyantomo Big Nyaruto !, will allow all interested parties to buy their own themed figurine, being able to choose between Naruto, Sasuka, Sakura and Kakashi. According to what was announced, each of the kittens is 10cm tall and is sold at a price of 1540 yen, equal to 14.05 dollars, a very low cost and that will allow all interested parties to get their own "ninja kitty". Always according to what the company said, the pre-orders will open in August while the publication of the whole is currently scheduled for November 2020.

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Before saying goodbye, we finally remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can find our special dedicated to the analogies and differences between Naruto and Samurai 8.


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