Naruto Shippuden: Neji Hyuga returns to the world of the living with this cosplay

Even if the manga of Naruto it has long since ended, enthusiasts, but also the big companies that produce merchandising, just can't let it go. If on the one hand fans show their affection by publishing art work e cosplay, on the other hand, toy houses get busy creating new action figures.

Just a few days ago we have you signaled the exit of two new figurines. A figure dedicated entirely to Nagato and another to one of the most legendary ninja ever: Hashirama Senju. If the companies are doing their best, in their own small way, to pay homage to the great work of Masashi Kishimoto, fans are doing the same. Especially the guy we want to talk to you about today, the cosplayer known on Instagram as gaioz_, who recently showed an interpretation of the character of Neji Hyuga from Oscar winner.

As you can see for yourself from the photo at the bottom of the article, not only the costume and makeup are done so well as to create a highly credible Neji, but also the skill and wisdom with which the effects are used, contribute to make the photo even more beautiful. From the eyes, to the nerves around them, all in this cosplay shouts to the miracle.

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It is not often that you see such successful cosplay. What do you think about it? Do you like? Tell us yours below in the comments.


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