Naruto: Panini mistakenly reveals the new Steelbox and opens pre-orders, chaos on the web

Last night, the official Panini Comics website inadvertently added a new tab dedicated to Naruto exclusive steelbox, belonging to The Best of Planet Manga series. With an introductory price set at € 19.90, the exclusive edition was supposed to debut on February 25, 2021, but apparently it was a simple communication error.

A few minutes ago Planet Manga published a statement on its social profiles, stating that the new exclusive Steelbox should not have been published on the official website so soon, and that it was a simple internal error. Pre-orders, however, have already been placed by several users, and now the publishing house has to decide whether to cancel them or not. In all cases, there will certainly be complaints from those directly involved.

As for the collector’s edition, it is a bundle with chromed metal packaging, an exclusive variant of Naruto # 1, a magnet and a postcard, similar to those of Bleach and Death Note published the previous months. The publisher said the reopening of pre-orders will be accompanied by an official announcement.

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Pending further communications, we remind you that Panini has already announced many great returns scheduled for the first half of 2021, including that of 20th Century Boys.


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