Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto talks about the ending and reveals: "Western fans amazed me"

Recently, an old woman appeared on the net unpublished interview with Masashi Kishimoto as protagonist, author of Naruto. During the chat with the journalists of the famous Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the mangaka talked about the conclusion of the series and the way in which he became aware of the sensational Western success.

During the interview, dated November 2014 and parallel to the conclusion of the manga, the author stated the following: "I, like many other writers, often work in my room. From there it is very difficult to realize the popularity of the series, especially because due to the deadlines we have very little free time. As time went by, I started receiving a lot of letters from countries Western, some of these were written in languages ​​I didn't even know. I remember one that included a photo of a child posing, wearing Naruto's clothes. That photo made me so happy, and there I began to understand how popular my series was".

Kishimoto went on to talk about the conclusion, and stating that he never thought the series would last 15 years. In a discussion with its author, the author revealed that he was advised not to finish the manga before five years of serialization: "Yes, it is very strange. From the beginning, I've always been determined to end the manga with the battle between Naruto and Sasuke. I decided on the details later, you know, like thinking about the situation they should have been fighting in, or whether they should have been fighting as enemies or friends. I chose the conclusion about two years ago (Ed. Two years before the end of the manga, in 2012) ".

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Naruto has now become a timeless colossus of the shonen genre, on a par with Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE. Recently Planet Manga has brought back the adventures of the ninja in Italy with a new Volume to celebrate the twenty years of the work, to which we have dedicated a special study.


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