Naruto: Hashirama Senju goes wild in a limited edition figure for over 360 euros

The Primo Hokage is one of the most fascinating and mysterious ninja of the entire imaginary of Naruto, characterized in life by the desire to stop the atrocities from the centuries-old war between the Senju and the Uchiha of Madara. It was only thanks to his diplomatic skills that he managed, together with his friend and rival, to found the Leaf Village.

However, despite the extraordinary mediation skills shown by the ninja, Hashirama he was also a real fighting genius, a man able to defeat even the extraordinary powers of Madara Uchiha. And only through his efforts did he manage to stop his friend and the Nine-Tailed Fox from the total destruction of Konoha.

Anyway, just in honor of these warrior skills, Chikara Studio wanted to pay homage to the famous Hokage in a splendid figure, the same that you can admire at the bottom of the news, in which the ninja is portrayed as he is about to launch one of the techniques of the Wood Arts on the attack. The scale model, proposed in a 1: 5 ratio, is 46 cm high and is offered in a limited edition of only 228 pieces worldwide. The statuette is already pre-orderable on the official website at the price of 360 euros, to which are added any shipping costs.

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But speaking of splendid Naruto-themed figures, what do you think of this scale model of Jiraya and of this statuette dedicated to the Susanoo of Madara? Let us know if you like Chikara Studio's latest creation with a comment below.


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