Naruto: Discover Sakura’s greatest achievements in anime

Sakura Haruno of Naruto He is one of the three main characters in the series. She has seen tremendous growth from being a 12-year-old kunoichi to being a ninja jounin in the sequel. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Sakura goes through a ton of changes, both in her physical strength and in her personality throughout the three programs of anime. But even though it changes, Sakura is still steadfast in her role as the main kunoichi.

She cares deeply for Sasuke, is possibly Naruto’s best friend and supports her friends the best she can. Once she becomes Sarada’s mother, Sakura does her best to protect and fill her daughter with love and affection. Following, The Truth News breaks down eight of his greatest achievements:

Sakura is now a loving mother

Sarada Uchiha receives a lot of love from Sakura

Between the time of Shippuden and Boruto, Sakura and Sasuke had their lovely daughter, Sarada Uchiha, while traveling together. Sakura absolutely loves her daughter, she focuses a lot on her and her well-being throughout Boruto; while Sarada struggles to become a great shinobi like her parents.

His undying love for Sasuke Uchiha

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed for Sakura during her time in Naruto and Boruto is her feelings for Sasuke Uchiha. She still cares deeply for him and now the two share a bond greater than ever as husband and wife.

Through all his ups and downs, Sakura’s love for him has never failed and that continues even while he is away from the village for months, if not years, at a time. Now Sasuke officially corresponds to your feelings and that drives her to be even stronger and more supportive of her family.

Sakura opened a Mental Health Clinic

Both open a Mental Health Clinic for children

Sakura has always had a knack for health and medicine in the ninja world after studying with Tsunade and training her medical ninjutsu. After Shippuden, Sakura opened a Mental Health Clinic together with Ino to help the youth of Konoha seek help when they need it.

Imagine if this clinic existed while Naruto and Sasuke were children, and how much anguish and trouble it would have saved them from seeking help for the sorrows of their past. Gaara He was delighted with the clinic and asked Sakura to open one in the Sand Village.

His friendship with Naruto Uzumaki

Sakura would be Naruto’s best friend

Sakura and Naruto have stayed together for all the years that they have been part of the Team Seven and beyond. Arguably Naruto’s closest friend, probably even closer than Sasuke, though the show focuses heavily on her dynamics.

Sakura and Naruto have always been there for each other and can easily be themselves to each other, just like Sakura and Ino. They have a deep bond and she still supports him while he’s Hokage and will do anything for him, Hinata, and their family.

Sakura is more independent in Boruto

Sakura is now a powerful jonin

Sakura, especially in the original series, always needed support when fighting enemies or going through emotional turmoil. He sacrificed himself several times to save his team, as in the Forest of Death and when Gaara was about to kill Sasuke, but in Boruto he depends less on others.

She may still need help when facing divine opponents who can only truly take on Naruto or Sasuke, but she can definitely defend herself more now and is still a human encyclopedia.

Sakura became a jounin

Sakura Uchiha en Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

In truth, all Rookie Nine and the Team 10 They should have become a jounin in the first Naruto series after all the dedication they showed to the village. It’s kind of mind boggling to think that in most Shippuden almost none of them are even chunin, even though they save the world countless times.

In Boruto, Sakura ascends in the ninja world and officially gets the title of jonin, which really fits as she is able to fully protect and defend Konoha. In addition, it is the chief of medical sciences in the village, making her the world’s best medical ninja.

Sakura became Uchiha

After Sakura married Sasuke, she also took his last name and became a second member of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke’s entire clan was wiped out and that started his entire character arc for revenge in the original series.

Sakura joins him and expands on the idea that Sasuke is not alone as together they are starting the clan again. She uses the Uchiha shield on the back of his outfits, just like he used Haruno’s shield before.

Your medical ninjutsu and immunity to genjutsu

Sakura is a leader in ninja medicine

At the beginning of Naruto, Kakashi noticed how cool Sakura was in the chakra control and in genjutsu detection. The series dropped this plot, but picked it up towards the end of Shippuden and Boruto, once again making Sakura be immune to most genjutsuas you can easily see it.

Due to her incredible chakra control, she also prepared well to become a medical ninja. He studied with Tsunade and was able to replicate most of the Hokage’s powers. In the Naruto sequel, she is the head of the medical department Konoha and outer villages come to her for knowledge.

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