Naruto: According to Kishimoto’s wife, the protagonist had to be with Sakura

The incredible imagery of Naruto conceived by Masashi Kishimoto is characterized by numerous anecdotes and curiosities, some of which not all fans of the ninja epic know. Many, for example, do not know that Kishimoto’s wife did not take well the husband’s choice to pair the protagonist with Hinata.

Among the many curiosities concerning Naruto’s imaginary, such as the powers of the sharingan or the problems related to the technique of multiplying the body, some of them concern the relationship between Masashi Kishimoto and his wife. In fact, the sensei’s partner has occasionally provided the author with her own opinion on the characters, some of which are also quite critical.

In one of them, for example, Kishimoto revealed that he had decided from the beginning that Naruto would be romantically linked to Hinataa decision which he did not share with his wife. When the woman discovered the reality of the facts she was particularly angry with the author who tried to convince her by lying that Hinata was actually inspired by her. In fact, in 2015, he himself revealed to the New York Comic Com audience how Sakura was a “strong” character, just like his wife.

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An interesting anecdote that explains how in reality not all Sakura fans were happy with the Naruto and Hinata pairing. And you, on the other hand, would you have preferred Naruto to marry Sakura or the heroine of Clan Hyuga? Tell us your opinion about it with a comment below.


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