Nadal's "spark" that helped Baptist face his father's death

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Just a few weeks ago, specifically on November 24, Spain won the Davis Cup after winning over Canada. All this thanks to the victories of Rafa Nadal and Roberto Bautista over Denis Shapovalov and Auger-Aliassime, who were fundamental throughout the tournament to win back the long-awaited silver salad bowl.

While the first one closed their participation in the tournament with eight wins in as many games, the second returned after burying his father to help a decimated team in the grand finale. A gesture that made Roberto Bautista the great protagonist of this edition of the Davis Cup, even above a Rafa Nadal who recognized that the tennis player of Castellón had become an example for the rest of his life.

"I watched that game, I witnessed your fight in the midst of pain"

Several weeks later, Roberto Bautista has come to El Hormiguero to tell how he lived that week so intense. In the first place, Pablo Motos reminded the audience that Bautista's father died on a Thursday and that on Saturday he was back in Madrid to prepare for the grand finale: "I watched that game, I witnessed your fight in the midst of pain" .

Next, and after the presenter made a brief summary of one of his toughest weeks, the tennis player revealed that his wife knew since Wednesday that his father was in critical condition. However, he did not want to say anything until he finished his tie against Croatia so that he would not deconcentrate: "The next day I called the doctor and she told me that I was on time to say goodbye to him, so I talked to the captain and returned home ".

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"Rafa takes the team on volandas and connects us with the energy he has"

After seeing the tie against Argentina on Friday, and burying his father a day later, Bautista decided to return to Madrid to accompany the team for the grand final: "After seeing the tie against Argentina I changed the chip. I saw the passion of the Davis Cup, the support of the fans … so I decided to return to Madrid."

Once there, and after the team doctor explained that the team was decimated in the face of the grand finale, Bautista assured him that he would be ready for the decisive match. That was when Nadal entered the scene and gave him the necessary strength to prepare for the match against Canada: "Having Rafa on the team is very positive. Rafa had a desire to win, a competitiveness, an eagerness to overcome, a spark, something special that pushes us all and takes us on volandas and connects us with the energy it has. "

For that same reason, and despite the fact that he was not in a position to compete, Bautista decided to ball on Saturday in the face of a hypothetical match in the grand final: "Last night I was in very bad condition for a normal tournament. I didn't have much strength , but I could touch the ball. " And not only did he end up playing a game of the grand final, but it would be essential to win the final victory.

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