“My most ambitious story, Chris Rock the only choice”

During a recent interview with TV Line Noah Hawley, creator of the television series Fargo, spoke of the fourth season of the show, which in its new incarnation will have as protagonist Chris Rock.

In some ways I ended Season 3 feeling that Fargo was somehow a story about what people are capable of doing for money.“said the writer and director.”That feeling left me blank, I thought maybe I had said everything there was to say on the subject.

But luckily for his folks, the author found other topics to address: “Now Season 4 is probably my most ambitious story, in terms of scope, scale and characters.”

The new episodes of Fargo are set in 1950’s Kansas City, where two rival crime families fight for territorial supremacy: on the one hand the African Americans, led by the astute Loy Cannon (Chris Rock), on the other the Italians, led by the patriarch Donatello Fadda (Tommaso Ragno), with Jason Schwartzman in the role Donatello’s son Josto and Ben Whishaw as the strange Rabbi Milligan.

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Rock’s casting may come as a surprise, but it was actually one of Hawley’s first decisions, who admitted: “I had no ideas for this new season for something like two full years, but when I started writing about Loy Cannon I said to myself, ‘Man, this character makes me think of Chris Rock’ . I learned he was a Fargo fan, and so he signed up.

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