My Hero Academia: why is Nighteye afraid to use his Quirk?

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Since its first appearance in My Hero Academia, Nighteye immediately aroused some interest given his particular Quirk, which allows him to observe the future of any person with whom he comes into contact. Over the most recent narrative arc, the hero has had more than a few hesitations in using his skill.

The twelfth episode of the anime definitively clarifies this fear. Within the episode, the hero rushes to the battlefield to engage Overhaul, giving Midoriya and Mirio the chance to escape together with Eri.

Initially Nighteye, thanks to his intellect and his experience, manages to put Overhaul in difficulty, using his Quirk to a minimum, that is, only for a few seconds the future to be able to evade his attacks.

At this point a flashback starts, in which we see it together with All Might. The Peace Symbol learns of Nighteye's prediction of his future, in which he saw a certain death, despite having advised him not to use his skill on him.

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Shortly after, in a conversation between Gran Torino and Nighteye, the latter is desperate, because the predictions he made never turned out to be wrong, and although he had tried to reverse the course of events, the fate of anyone who came into contact with his ability always proceeded in the direction predicted by the hero.

Nighteye therefore, once his Quirk is used to the maximum, it is absolutely unable to alter the outcome of its forecasts. This was the deterrent that pushed him to limit himself, fearing to meet a terrible prediction, just like in the case of All Might, which would have condemned the outcome of Eri's rescue.

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