My Hero Academia: who were the previous owners of One for All?

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In the last few days the latest chapter of has been published on MangaPlus My Hero Academia, the 257, in which All Might had a brief comparison with Deku and Bakugo to update them on the previous owners of the One For All.

In his speech, All Might specified that the latter were perfect incubators for Quirk, not because they were special, but because – just like Deku – they were absolutely normal people:

"All For One was obsessed with One For All. It was a time when evil exercised a degree of power that is difficult for us to imagine today. All For One went around crushing the strong because there was no one who could compete with his pure wickedness and his dominion ".

He then adds:

"Writhing in that hell, while they were dying, the users of the past made sure that the power would reach the future. They were certainly not the elect. Through all those battles, all they could do was receive the Quirk and then pass it on to a successor. "

In addition, All Might has revealed that the next power that Deku will have access to will be that of Nana Shimura, which was able to float and in all probability also to move in flight. Not quite a noteworthy Quirk, but integrated into Midoriya's arsenal it will prove to be a precious resource to be supported with One for All and Black Whip.

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The hope is of course, that with all these Quirks do not create too great a distance with the rest of your companions, however this appears inevitable to some extent. From the next chapter, a new narrative arc should come alive, which – unless surprises – should concern the much anticipated conflict between the Liberation Army and the faction of heroes.

What are your hopes for the new saga? Tell us with a comment below!

What are the mysteries of My Hero Academia still awaiting resolution? Has My Hero Academia already shown the likely upgrade to the hero costume?

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