My Hero Academia: what will be the role of All Might in the next chapters?

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The confrontation between All Might and All For One was, without a doubt, one of the highest moments of My Hero Academia. The two started a close exchange of blows, which finally saw the victory of the Peace Symbol.

The defeat of his nemesis forced him to retire from the superhero scene, having used up to the last drop of the One For All. Although this was a highly significant event, the author – during the course of the manga – often hinted at a previous battle, in which both All Might and All For One were at the their pinnacle of strength.

A clash that we will probably never have the pleasure of discovering, considering that the narrative focus of the work has now moved to the side of his heir, Shigaraki Tomura. Rather, it will be interesting to understand how the role of All Might will evolve in the next chapters.

Its presence in the manga is now increasingly sporadic, and in its current conditions it is unlikely that it will again take on a leading role. Although All For One has lost in its last appearance, the plan it has designed has been extremely forward-looking, and it is thanks to its machinations that the villains are now in a position of clear advantage.

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All For One had predicted well in advance that his dominion would end, turning his aims to an heir who could carry on his kingdom of evil.

How do you see the role of All Might in the next chapters? Tell us yours below.

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