My Hero Academia: what is the secret behind Kohei Horikoshi’s realism?

My Hero Academia it is a work that over time has gained popularity with few equals. To date, together with ONE PIECE, Kohei Horikoshi’s gem is one of the pillars of the current generation of Weekly Shump, thanks to a story with a superheroist atmosphere and a narrative full of twists and pathos.

Within the last chapters of My Hero Academia there is no lack of a very strong dramatic component, the same one with which the sensei is particularly having fun. But how does it succeed Horikoshi to strengthen the feelings of the characters and the families of the protagonists? The answer was revealed himself in a comment that follows:

“I thought about my parents and used a couple of my memories to mix it up. When I talk to my friends about family matters they tend to leave a certain impression, which is why I tried to expand these scenarios. Anyway, most some are the result of my experiences. I could also say that the roots of these themes are quite similar. “

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Well, then, the sensei takes advantage of the realism within these familiar frames to give more dramatic vigor to the scenes, a choice that all in all is particularly apt as fans are greatly appreciating these last chapters of the manga. And you, however, what do you think of his words, do you think he is really good at emphasizing the feelings between parents and children? Tell us what you think with a comment below.


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