My Hero Academia: What does the concept of "Singularity of Quirks" mean?

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As the chapters go by, the manga by My Hero Academia has deepened more and more the secrets behind Quirks, the phantom skills that have now become an integral part of the social fabric of the work.

Quirks are not immutable skillsbut rather evolve over time acquiring ever greater power thanks to the continuous inheritance between the new generations, which – however – would be destined to clash with the so-called "Quirk Singularity".

What does this expression clearly mean? The Quirk Singularity represents the pinnacle of the strength of a particular Quirk which has been passed down through the generations, and which – precisely for this reason – would no longer be able to adapt to a simply human body at this point unable to sustain its reach.

And it is precisely in this situation that Dr. Ujiko's experiments come into play. Through his knowledge, All For One managed to snatch and control an extraordinary variety of Quirks, crossing the limit of the Singularity and managing to rival on equal terms with All Might.

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Shigaraki is also headed for a similar path. The disciple of All For One has agreed to undergo the "treatment" of Dr. Ujiko to be able to master a range of powers similar to that of his master, and if we consider his already enormous destructiveness, its evolution should be decidedly devastating.

As for the Nomu, in addition to serving the villains, they too they should represent a genetic attempt to make up for the Quirk Singularity. However, to confirm this speculation, we will have to wait for the developments of the next chapters.

Following the recent controversy, a huge chunk of the My Hero Academia fandom has sided in support of the author. Have you seen the new cover of volume 26 of My Hero Academia?

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