My Hero Academia: what are the powers acquired by Shigaraki?

During the last saga of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki received a remarkable power-up that granted him access to an unreleased Quirk series. The last chapters have given us a taste, let's make a quick summary:

  • Search: Before All For One ripped it off, it belonged to Ragdoll of the Wild Wild Pussycats. It allows Shigaraki to locate anyone he wants, and to reveal the heroes' weaknesses. A Quirk that in the wrong hands is potentially devastating.
  • Air Blast: During the battle of Kamino, All For One struck the heroes present, including All Might, with powerful air shocks from the palms of his hands. Shigaraki has shown he has this ability, which has allowed him to destroy radio frequencies and the rest of the media.
  • Warp Gate: In the last chapter there is a splendid double page that immortalizes Shigaraki in the presence of Deku and Bakugo. Kohei Horikoshi's artwork suggests that the disciple of All For One obtained the Quirk used by his right arm Kurogiri – now imprisoned in Tartarus.
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These are just some of the range of powers acquired by Shigaraki, and with the passage of the chapters we will have the opportunity to discover even more. At this point, however, the villain really seems to have reached an excessively elevated status compared to other characters. What will the author invent to balance the fate of the battle and not condemn the heroes to an inevitable defeat? Maybe a last-minute twist? Tell us yours below in the comments.

Uraraka gets the One For All, that's how it would be according to a fan of My Hero Academia. In chapter 275 of My Hero Academia, death chases the protagonists: who will save themselves from Shigaraki?


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