My Hero Academia, what are the most important mysteries still awaiting resolution?

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Kohei Horikoshi's little gem, My Hero Academia, has now become part of the cornerstones of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, holding a prominent place within the Shueisha magazine. The success of the work, however, is mainly due to the sensei's extraordinary ability to keep his fans on tap.

When a series manages to hide very well i most interesting mysteries of the opera it is inevitable that the same will acquire a prominent place within the hearts of fans. It is no coincidence, in this regard, that the secrets of My Hero Academia manage to clearly stimulate the thirst for knowledge of their fans.

Recently, Audrey reported the comment of a user who summarized in a few words what they are the greatest curiosities of the work's imagination. The mysteries still pending resolution, therefore, here follow:

  • The predecessors of One For All;
  • Beast Jeanist;
  • The heroic name of Bakugo;
  • Hawks' role as a spy;
  • Todoroki's family issues, still unresolved (Dabi inclusive);
  • Eri's quirk and the future of Mirio's powers;
  • The future in which All Might dies;
  • Ujiko's hiding place;
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In your opinion, however, are there other mysteries worth mentioning? Tell us your opinion about it, as always, with a comment in the appropriate box below, but not before having retrieved our Review of the episode 14 of My Hero Academia 4 that surprised and excited the viewers of the animated series.

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