My Hero Academia: Uraraka gets the One for All, that's how it would be according to a fan

Izuku Midoriya got the One for All from All Might at the start of My Hero Academia. The protagonist still has problems using it, being his physique not yet accustomed to the new power, but slowly he is increasing the synergy with this legendary quirk. The eighth owner of the One for All however, he risked not getting it.

In fact, All Might initially chose to become a professor at Yuei to find an excellent candidate to inherit his quirk. And Mirio Togata was one of the most prominent candidates. But what would have happened if the legendary hero had found a certain student, or rather a Yuei student to whom to pass the One for All?

Fan Zol decided to entrust the One for All to Ochaco Uraraka, co-star of My Hero Academia and featuring the gravity quirk. Using a computer-modified illustration, we can see Uraraka with the One for All in the image below. Taking as a base one of the scenes of the Yuei Sports Festival, the girl begins to use the One for All which manifests itself with pink and purple flashes, unlike the blue and green ones of Izuku. We will never know what the manga would have been like My Hero Academia with Uraraka protagonist, but it would certainly have been an atypical choice.

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At the moment, however, in the manga, the One for All is in danger as Horikoshi is starting the most important battle.


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