My Hero Academia: Todoroki comes to life with a perfect female cosplay

My Hero Academia he is one of the most followed and appreciated shonen, and after the success obtained with the fourth season of the anime, which ended recently, fans are eager to find out how the story of Izuku Midoriya and his companions of the UA Academy will continue.

One of the most acclaimed characters from the fans of the Kohei Horikoshi series is definitely Shoto Todoroki, son of the Pro Hero Endeavor and owner of the Half Ice and Half Fire Quirk. Although he is proving to be more sociable than in the past, Todoroki remains a boy with a cold, reserved character who manages to remain calm even in apparently more complex situations, and able to unleash what can be considered one of the strongest Quirks, at least as far as students are concerned.

The interest in this character can also be linked to his family experience, in fact Shoto has to constantly deal with the overwhelming celebrity of his father, with whom he has always had a bad relationship, especially for the mistakes made by Endeavor in the past.

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To pay homage to such a profound character, the cosplayer @ Dewo_3 shared the image you find at the bottom of the news on Instagram. The result of this interpretation is a cosplay well made and faithful to the original design by Todoroki.

Recall that recently Endeavor and All Might also got cosplay, and that Todoroki showed a new technique in the last chapter of the manga.


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