My Hero Academia: The power of Eri could change the world of superheroes forever

We keep talking about Different: after the cosplay dedicated to the character of My Hero Academia, let’s analyze what will be the effect that his powerful quirk will have in the next episodes of the anime focused on the events born from an idea of ​​Kohei Horikoshi.

As you know the power of Eri is called “Rewind“and allows her to report a object or person to a previous state, going so far as to heal the wounds suffered in battle or even eliminate the power of his opponent. While it still seems early to be able to make the most of her skills, in the future it will be very likely to find her at the forefront together with the other superheroes, perhaps precisely for help Midoriya to make the most of his quirk. Moreover, many fans of the anime wonder if it will not be possible to bring a dead person back to life, taking advantage of the fact that Rewind has the ability to heal the wounds of others, restoring the body to a previous condition.

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We are sure that in the future we will find out how Eri’s powers will be exploited, in the meantime we point out this cosplay of Himiko Toga, while it seems that a new anime set in the world of My Hero Academia has been announced: many fans think that it may be Vigilante, spin-off by Furuhashi Hideyuki e Bettencourt.


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