My Hero Academia: the other disturbing side of the All For One

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The last chapters of My Hero Academia I'm heart-pounding, an absurd amount of twists and turns that are continuing on and on. Still, Kohei Horikoshi has big plans in mind for the future of the manga, hiding a crucial and extremely disturbing detail in the latest issue.

In chapter 277 of My Hero Academia new battles have exploded, such as that between Gigantomachia and Mt. Lady, although the latter is strongly at a disadvantage against the deadly villain. Those who seem to pass it with as many difficulties are Eraserhead, forced to face Shigaraki who still does not have full control of the new powers.

And yet, just the successor to the All For One it still seems to deal with the other side of the quirk. His particular power, in fact, resonates in the antagonist's mind more and more insistently as he approaches Izuku to the point of being able to even take control of his own guest for a short moment. At this juncture, Shigaraki once again becomes master of his conscience to manifest his desire to escape from the shadow of his master and definitely overcome him. However, the scene in question has shown yet another disturbing dark side of All For One, a quirk that seems to have a "sort of life of its own".

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And you, however, what do you think of this incredible power, is there still a secret that we are not aware of? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, with a comment below.

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