My Hero Academia: the fate of the Pro Heroes is in the hands of Deku

Since the beginning of My Hero Academia we have seen Midoriya push her limits and throw herself headlong into desperate actions. On the other hand, the motto of the Kohei Horikoshi saga is Plus Ultra !. But in the new chapter of the manga, the life of the protagonist is seriously at risk.

In an attempt to stop the Villain led by Tomura Shigaraki, the young hero he rushed to the front line, tapping into the full potential of One For All. But his body is not yet used to giving its best and the repercussions could be very serious.

Chapter 285 of My Hero Academia saw Deku use his new abilities, Blackwhip and Float, to stop Shigaraki in the air. If the Villain hits the ground, he could wipe out all the Pro Heroes present in a single moment. Although Midoriya is now exhausted, there seem to be no alternatives valid.

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The boy had already been warned in the past: “if you continue to hurt yourself like this, you could permanently lose the use of your arms “. In this case, however, Deku is forced to give his all. The society of heroes is literally in his hands. Meanwhile, in chapter 285 of My Hero Academia also Bakugo is now on the ground. Will the two protagonists be able to survive? We just have to wait anxiously for the arrival of chapter 286 of My Hero Academia.


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