My Hero Academia: the background of the marriage of Rei and Endeavor revealed

The manga of My Hero Academia has recently concluded the arc of the War, and with it the mad battle between the heroes and their fearsome opponents has also ended. The manga is now diving into the mind and past of Endeavor, also revealing the past of the Todoroki family.

Endeavor’s mother of children has been abused by hero number one for years, and now we know why Rei Todoroki decided to marry the superhero who wanted to beat All Might.

In the just-concluded arc of the manga, the world of Endeavor has been shattered, thanks to the revelation that his son Toya is alive and leader of the Union of Villains, Dabi. Now that the world is aware of Endeavor and his family’s terrible past, Endeavor appears to be in crisis. In the flashbacks of the hero we see how he met and married his wife: Rei Todoroki was initially supposed to marry the hero because of a “quirk marriage”, where the sole purpose of their engagement was to create children carrying powerful quirks, capable of using both the power of fire and that of ice.

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Rei and Endeavor have found themselves married, and while Rei sought to raise children in a loving family, Endeavor put the children through hell, trying to bring up the best heroes in the world. Unfortunately, Toya was born with a much more powerful flame than her father’s and lacked the ice powers of her mother, but she demonstrated great resistance to cold temperatures.

The chapter ends with a flashback where we see Toya clash with her family, after seeing himself rejected by the hero world he trained for all his life, and hating his brother Shoto just because he had the right set of powers with his quirk.

It goes without saying that we have yet to find out a lot about Endeavor and the Todoroki family. In chapter 301 of My Hero Academia we discovered the origins of Dabi and his quirk, as well as giving us hilarious images of baby Shoto Todoroki.


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