My Hero Academia: surprise break for the manga, Horikoshi uses a twist

Kohei Horikoshi is keeping the focus on the chapters of My Hero Academia thanks to the great war that has been developing for several months now. On Weekly Shonen Jump there are several readers so that week after week they are waiting for the new implications of this battle.

And the highlight seems to be coming with the sixth anniversary of My Hero Academia. Everyone was therefore looking forward to chapter 278 on Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus with the release of this week, but something went unpredictably wrong.

In fact, on the previous release of Shueisha's magazine there was a normal presence of My Hero Academia in the magazine. However MangaPlus had explained that My Hero Academia would not be released. An unexpected break and usually this only means a sudden mangaka disease. Compared to the scheduled breaks, in fact, this eventuality occurs more rarely.

However, fans can be sure because the first leaks of Weekly Shonen Jump yes they confirm a break for My Hero Academia but with a completely different motivation. According to the translation of Hype that you can see below, My Hero Academia will return in number 33-34 and the unexpected break this week is attributable exclusively to a change in the way Kohei Horikoshi works.

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To better face the Coronavirus the mangaka is in fact moving from analog to digital and this is taking away time from him. Fortunately, therefore, Horikoshi had no health problems and will soon be back on track to celebrate the best anniversary of his creature.


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