My Hero Academia: Studio Bones distances itself from fan proposals

The community of My Hero Academia she usually tries out fanfictions on the manga of Koehi Horikoshi, to be sent on time to Studio Bones, which deals with the animated adaptation. The animation studio, however, has released a release in order to dissuade fans from sending any type of material related to the work:

"We thank you for your interest in Bones, Inc. and its work. Note that Bones, Inc. does not accept suggestions or ideas from the public. These include but are not limited to stories, characters and names, marketing or public relations measures / strategies, etc.

This is to avoid unpleasant controversies or disputes which could result from any coincidence or similarity between the ideas sent and the intellectual property originally developed by Bones, Inc. Please note that those who send ideas or proposals to Bones, Inc, despite what has just been communicated, will agree with the following conditions.

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Bones, Inc. is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the ideas or proposals submitted. Bones, Inc. is not obligated to consider, evaluate or adopt the ideas or proposals presented. Bones, Inc. is not obligated to respond to ideas or proposals submitted. Bones, Inc. is not responsible in any way, including but not limited to liability for monetary compensation, should any idea or proposal presented be identical or similar, in whole or in part, to any title, project, product or service of Bones , Inc.

Bones, Inc. is not required to return ideas or proposals sent to the sender. Any idea or proposal presented as a hard copy by mail or courier, as a general rule, will be discarded unopened. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. "

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