My Hero Academia spoiler 275: does death reach Deku and Bakugo?

My Hero Academia does not stop and continues to stir up readers with respectable developments. By now Kohei Horikoshi is going to the maximum with the war between heroes and villain in a narrative arc that could solve and conclude the My Hero Academia that we know today.

With the latest narrative choices, in fact, Horikoshi has pushed a lot for a clash between Shigaraki and Deku, between All for One and One for All. The battle of the century between the two quirks, now in two new owners, could already appear in My Hero Academia 275, of which the first spoilers and images have arrived online.

The chapter opens with Tomura Shigaraki who uses his search quirk to better locate One for All and then moves from where he is with Endeavor to go towards his goal. Endeavor is worried by Deku's words but the explanation will come later, while the hero number one continues to launch attacks on the enemy. However Shigaraki manages to avoid them and suddenly changes direction to get even closer to his target.

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Deku and Bakugo are still heading towards the main battlefield and the explosive boy says he is determined not to lose. The two remember all their progress when the first owner of One for All warns Deku of the imminent danger. Shigaraki arrives near the duo and thanks to his quirk imagine the death of Deku and Bakugo who succumb to the power of decay.

Gran Torino also arrives to save the two boys while from afar Ryukyu and Aizawa also intervene. The latter manages to take advantage of his quirk just in time to prevent Shigaraki from killing the draconic heroine. The battle with evil has finally begun in My Hero Academia.


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