My Hero Academia protagonist at Anime Japan: news on Season 5 and movies?

Anime Japan will go live in about a month, and all eyes are on the releases coming this year. As you can imagine, My Hero Academia is among the first on the list and the series will arrive with the fifth season this spring.

Now fans have found out more about the Anime Japan show panel, and there will be some very welcome guests. The news was released recently after Anime Japan confirmed its virtual programming.

The event will host My Hero Academia on March 28 with his panel which will be broadcast in Japan in the afternoon. A virtual stage with selected cast members is scheduled and yes, the actor behind Shinso Hitoshi will also be taking part in the event.

According to reports, Wataru Hatano will take part in the panel. The actor began his work as Shinso in the second season of the anime, and will return in the fifth. He will be joined by other important protagonists such as Daiki Yamashita who plays Deku. The panel will also include Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yuki Kaji and Kohei Amasaki, respectively Bakugo, Shoto and Monoma.

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This panel will be dedicated to everything related to the fifth season of My Hero Academia. The series is expected to debut in April and fans are expecting a lot from this event. Season 5 will go live with a very important arc, which will focus on Class 1-A as it prepares to carry out a joint training mission with Class 1-B. Hitsohi will also be taking part in the event, so the generic student will likely make a bid for the hero course soon.

After giving us a taste with the poster of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, the director has illustrated the highlights of the upcoming season 5.


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