My Hero Academia: Mirko is the protagonist of a disturbing cosplay

The current cosplay landscape is almost entirely focused on My Hero Academia, a work that has introduced some of the most charismatic and entertaining characters of recent years. Heroines are no exception; meet Mirko in this bloody cosplay!

In the fourth season of the animated series of My Hero Academia, fans have made the acquaintance of Mirko, heroine rabbit. Present in the Top 10 of the strongest Pro Heroes, in the anime Mirko has not yet had the opportunity to express his potential. Nevertheless, the audience down on her dotes on her.

On Instagram, cosplayer Dali_Darling_Cosplay shared his bloody interpretation of Mirko during the events of the Paranormal Liberation War story arc. The heroine shows the results of a long and bloody battle, which cost the lives of numerous Pro Heroes. Sensitive people might find the shot disturbing, but the cosplayer revealed that blood is nothing more than body paint.

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For those unfamiliar with her, Mirko is a Pro Heroes with the speed and of the skills of a hare. With her very long leaps, the heroine manages to avoid the opponent’s blows and can have her say even in attack given her extraordinary agility. While waiting to discover all of Mirko’s abilities, the Paranormal Liberation War arc proceeds fast in the manga. In My Hero Academia chapter 284 we discover some mysteries about the fourth owner of One For All, as well as the similarities between Bakugo and Endeavor.


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