My Hero Academia: Kohei Horikoshi ironically comments on the recent events of the manga

During the War Arc of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi has taken his readers through deaths, high-adrenaline battles and sensational revelations. These incredible events have been commented in a rather irreverent way by the Japanese mangaka himself.

The frightening war between professional heroes and villains has brought great changes in the society of heroes, but not only that, the battle has led My Hero Academia to face more mature themes and ad take on darker tones. However, although his work has become darker than ever, Kohei Horikoshi teased himself in a special dedication to his fans that accompanied chapter 301 of the manga.

We apologize for the continued high humidity of the plot. It might be right if you read a dehumidifier“, wrote the mangaka. In fact, even the continuation of the war is arousing intense emotions in readers. The new chapter of My Hero Academia explored the past of the Todoroki family leading us to discover how Toya became Dabi, and how Endeavor and his wife are facing the terrible truth to which they have been subjected.

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The future of the opera also seems far from rosy. While the Pro Heroes are on their knees, the Supernatural Liberation Front is already returned to the attack. Shigaraki and All For One are ready for a new and devastating attack on society. Mirko becomes Megan Thee Stallion in these official My Hero Academia sketches. The origins of Dabi and the true nature of his Quirk in My Hero Academia 301.


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