My Hero Academia: is there another heir to the power of All for One?

At the beginning there was All for One, the first supervillain of My Hero Academia and that even in the last volumes, after being defeated by All Might and having passed its power to an heir, manages to make itself threatening for the protagonists. His influence is still alive and well and he may continue to be an enemy in the future.

For the time being, all his power has been transferred to Tomura Shigaraki, the one he has been raising for so long as an heir. Thanks to the operation of Doctor Garaki, the white-haired villain has obtained an unimaginable power and, although still incomplete due to the operation of the heroes, he is exploiting it against Deku. The protagonist of My Hero Academia, however, will hardly lose the battle and, at this point, what will happen to the All for One quirk?

Just as the One for All will certainly have heirs after Deku, the All for One could also return in the future to a new owner. But who he will be transferred to is, of course, still unknown. After sconfitta di Tomura Shigaraki, All for One may be able to change its power somehow, given the infinite possibilities of development of the quirk.

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But who to give it to? There don’t seem to be many candidates available at the moment, and if Kohei Horikoshi decides to go this route, it’s possible that a new character will arrive. Otherwise, among those presented so far, the most suitable are Gigantomachia and Dabi. The first monster is already a walking threat and is difficult to block. By obtaining the All for One he would be able to become a truly unstoppable creature.

On the other hand there is Dabi, a very mysterious character who will surely be at the center of the future arches of My Hero Academia. The boy seems to be connected to Endeavor but there could be much more behind it, such as a world organization that we have not known so far and that could be able to get its hands on All for One even by force. So even with the end of this story arc, the power that led to several generations of ruin could resist and make your way into the future of My Hero Academia.


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