My Hero Academia: is Shigaraki’s hatred justified? Let’s explore the reasons for the villain

One of the main themes that lies at the base of the series My Hero Academia it is the eternal clash between Hero and Villain, and the fact that the Hero Society has managed to establish itself as the main administrator of the good of people who do not fall into the two categories, has caused a particular reaction from Tomura Shigaraki.

Shigaraki in the last chapters of the manga is proving to be not only one of the most powerful Villains, but probably also the most vindictive and determined of all. From an early age his life was marked by Indifference that the Heroes show towards their families, to help strangers, and pretend to be the promulgators of peace. But where does this hatred come from? Let’s see it together by retracing some traumatic events of the Villain’s childhood.

Tenko Shimura’s childhood, the character’s real name, was marked by dramatic events, which heavily influenced his future. Tenko was initially fascinated by the work the Heroes did, these paladins who used all their strength to defend others. Later, however, we will discover how his grandmother, the Pro Hero Nana Shimura, seventh heir of the Quirk One For All and user of the Float, had to get away from her family in order not to put it in danger, thus abandoning her son Kotaro, father of Tenko.

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Kotaro has beaten Tenko many times, for their conflicting opinions about the Heroes, and when Quirk Decay was activated in the child, he killed his father voluntarily, taking revenge for all the abuses suffered. However, the awakened power in little Shiagaraki also caused the death of the rest of his family, and left alone he will then be raised by All For One, as his direct heir.

So far Shigaraki has shown himself to be one of the most determined Villain to pursue his goal: free those who feel oppressed by the tyranny of the Hero Society, and open the eyes of all the others who fail to understand the corruption and lies that progress precisely because of the Heroes.

Recall that the title of chapter 285 has raised the expectations of fans, and we leave you to the Heroes who could inherit the One For All if Deku dies.


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