My Hero Academia: is Deku really the real goal of Shigaraki?

From the release of chapter 274 of My Hero Academia the anime and manga world is in turmoil. If already the first chapters of the saga of the "Paranormal Liberation War" had proved to be compelling and of a certainly higher level, the latest ones have revved up the audience, especially since Shigaraki he awoke.

If you have read the last chapter you will know it, if not, if you don't like them spoilers, avoid continuing reading, Tomura has not only awakened, but has also shown that he can use the power ofAll for One, as revealed in the last pages of the manga in which Shigaraki is clearly guided by the will of his new Quirk. If we could get a little taste of his power during the short fight with Pro Hero number one Endeavor, what is making fans worried right now, is the villain's new goal.

In fact, driven by the All for One's desire to find the power of One for All, through skill Search, Shigaraki has identified the bearer of the Quirk opposite to his and is heading at great speed in that direction. As can be seen in the last chapter, Deku, showing all his heroism, as soon as he hears what Tomura wants to do, sure that he is the goal himself, as the current bearer of power that once belonged to All Might, with Bokugor is moving away from others to lure Shigaraki to an isolated place.

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However one question was born in the heads of many fans: and if instead the power that Tomura is perceiving is not that of Deku but of All Might? What if, in the next chapter, Toshinori he will find himself in danger because he is inside him remained still a small part of the power it once had?

These are legitimate questions to which we will have an answer very soon. What do you think of this hypothesis? Write it below in the comments.


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