My Hero Academia: Fans react to a post by Bakugo's voice actor

One of the best, and most appreciated, characters from the Kohei Horikoshi series My Hero Academia is definitely Katsuki Bakugo, who plays the role of friend-rival of the protagonist Midoriya and manages to give an extra spark to the narrative with his explosive Quirk.

The American Bakugo voice actor, Clifford Chapin, recently shared a post to show how his parents have always strongly supported his career, also causing a kind of competition to who would have managed to find the most particular mask to wear.

In fact, as you can see in the post at the bottom of the page, the voice actor's father wore a Bakugo mask, commenting with "What other mask could Bakugo's father wear ?!".

The voice actor's response was a way too challenge fans to find different masks than usual. Naturally, the fans did not wait to fill Chapin with more or less serious answers, with gifs and masks of all kinds, but which still show theincredible affection for the character, and also respect for the situation we are in because of the pandemic.

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During the fourth season we have seen Bakugo, grappling with a nice challenge, and while a theory is spreading that would explain Bakugo's eternal anger, we remind you that for the changes that occurred during production the manga of My Hero Academia is currently in pause.


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