My Hero Academia: fans can't wait to see the new hero in action

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The series of My Hero Academia she often focuses on Yueei's aspiring heroes and their vicissitudes against the League of Villian, but has rarely focused on professionals who represent the category and fight crime on a daily basis.

Fortunately, in the next episode we can find out more about them, and certainly we will get to know one of the most interesting and acclaimed fandom characters currently, Hawks. As soon as the preview of episode 24 was released, in fact, the readers of Horikoshi's manga rushed to Twitter to express all their enthusiasm relating to the introduction of the winged hero, who – according to the first images – will team up with Endeavor.

Episodes 24 and 25 will officially close the curtain on the fourth season of My Hero Academia, and it is not clear, at the moment, if they will be enough to adapt the last mini narrative arc, of fundamental importance for the future developments of the series.

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Many fans, in fact, are hoping that Studio Bones don't neglect this last part, and that you take utmost care to best transpose the extraordinary sequences of the paper work. The most recent rumors, in this regard, suggest the duration of an hour for the last episode, in order to be able to stay on schedule and avoid extending to the next season. However, for now, speculation remains.

Pending further updates, we ask you: have you enjoyed the fourth season of My Hero Academia so far? Tell us below.

The last episode of My Hero Academia saw an extraordinary performance by the heroine Jiro, enough to convince Horikoshi to dedicate one of his sketches to her. The splendid musical performance of the U.A. is available on Youtube.

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