My Hero Academia: dizzying numbers for the manga, 27 million copies sold

The current generation of Weekly Shonen Jump is in desperate search for new titles that can stand side by side in terms of success My Hero Academia, ONE PIECE and even Black Clover. Indeed, Kohei Horikoshi's work continues to be one of the current pillars of the most popular magazine in Japan.

With chapter 276 of My Hero Academia, the author has gone into full depth battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front, an event that was to eradicate the criminal alliance and end the dream of All for One. However, the Heroes' assault has not had the desired outcome, as it does Shigaraki he finally inherited the mastodontic powers of the master, imposing him as the current main villain of the entire work.

We are facing what could be called one of the worst possible scenarios for the heroes' front, even if we are sure that this situation will serve as a springboard for Izuku. However, the latest events, together with an extraordinary fourth season of the anime, have pushed the manga to a new and extraordinary record, namely that of 27 million copies sold. With the imminent release of the 27th volume, therefore, the franchise has finally reached the average of one million copies sold per single tankobon.

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An extraordinary result and destined to increase but which underlines the importance of the franchise in the Japanese publishing scene. And you, instead, what do you think of these numbers? Please let us know, as usual, with a comment below.


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