My Hero Academia: Deku's advantage over Shigaraki

After acquiring an unpublished series of Quirk, Shigaraki Tomura seems not to be yet satisfied with his power. The last chapter of My Hero Academia focused on its next target, One For All.

The suggestion of the villain developed during the clash with Endeavor. The latter immediately launched an attack with powerful fire shots, and it is precisely in this circumstance that Shigaraki has sported one of his new abilities, regeneration.

Tomura takes several shots from his opponent but does not seem to be intimidated by it, in his whale head the idea of ​​taking a further step towards absolute strength, and therefore to take over the Quirk that not even All For One has ever managed to conquer.

So use the Quirk "Search", previously uncorked to the heroine Ragdoll by his master, and manages to visualize in his field of vision the position of Deku. It seems that the two are now linked by a sort of sentient communication.

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Midoriya becomes aware of Shigaraki's plan and flees to a civilian-free territory, so as to prevent his enemy from committing yet another massacre. To accompany him there is also Bakugo, who is perfectly aware of the Quirk of Deku and the importance of preserving it.

The stumbling block that Shigaraki will have to overcome is the same one that at the time had denied All For One obtaining power. The Quirk of All Might, now of Deku, can be transmitted only by the will of its owner, and as far as we know, the All For One is unable to overcome this prerogative.

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