My Hero Academia: Deku imitates All Might in this ironic cosplay

One of the most moving aspects of My Hero Academia is the tender relationship established between the Number One Hero All Might and his heir Izuku Midoriya. However, there were not only emotional moments between them, but also lots of funny scenes. One of these was brought to life in a surreal cosplay.

My Hero Academia has become one of the most loved shonen in recent years as it manages to blend spectacular fights with exciting and fun situations. To pay homage to the work created by Kohei Horikoshi, a fan has decided to create a hilarious but at the same time creepy cosplay.

On his Instagram profile, the user Scaredy_Cat_Cosplayers has recreated a hilarious scene in which Izuku Midoriya perfectly mimics the face of his mentor. All Might was Deku’s model, which made him a point of reference both in daily life and in the role of hero. Since childhood, the heir of One For All spent his days imitating his model and even after entering the Yuei High School this characteristic has not abandoned him.

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The scene recreated in the cosplay is taken from the episode of the anime in which Deku tries to convince Sir Nighteye to let him enter his agency. Before he can team up with All Might’s former sidekick, however, Midoriya must try to make him laugh. In an attempt to make him laugh, Deku flaunts the irreverent and perfect imitation by All Might. If you liked this imitation, don’t miss this sexy My Hero Academia cosplay. While waiting for the fifth animated series, let’s relive the best moments of My Hero Academia.


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