My Hero Academia: Deku becomes a heroine in this female cosplay

Waiting for the arrival of the fifth season of the animated and the third film, My Hero Academia it is going through a real golden age. The popularity of the work Kohei Horikoshi, in fact, is growing day by day and the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is a huge hit among fans, who celebrate it with numerous cosplay.

After being acclaimed by several VIPs, the latest of which the singer Megan Thee Stallion, honored in an official artwork of My Hero Academia made by one of Horikoshi’s assistants, this time it is the fanbase to bring the franchise to the top.

Deku’s latest interpretation leads him to go beyond his own sex becoming an aspiring heroine In this genderbend cosplay, brought by Instagram artist EvensyaXO, Midoriya prepares for the fight against the villains by unleashing her One For All.

The cosplayer, for the occasion, wore a particular version of Deku’s hero costume without the face mask inspired by the smile of her mentor All Might. To stay how long as faithful as possible to the character, the artist has colored some strands of hair green, as well as having made a massive use of makeover.

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What do you think of this cosplay? Would the opera have been as successful if Deku had been a girl? My Hero Academia protagonist at Anime Japan: news on the fifth season and the new film coming?


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