My Hero Academia: Chapter 256 presents a curious interaction between two characters

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The story of My Hero Academia sees Izuku Midoriya as the main protagonist, but Horikoshi's work is studded with numerous secondary characters, who together with the protagonist pursue the dream of becoming a successful hero.

Two of these, Kirishima and Ashido stole the readers eye in the last chapter del manga, published yesterday on MangaPlus. In its pages, we witness the training of aspiring heroes against a series of robots, useful for All Might to take note of the progress achieved during their apprenticeship period.

All the members of the U.A show that they have increased their peculiarities. When Ashido's time comes, for example, the girl sports a new attack – Acidman – which allows it to be completely covered with acid and then hurl itself over the enemy robot and immobilize it.

Immediately after his excellent performance he turns to Kirishima, asking him if he had seen his new move, to then specify that it is the his personal version of the Red Riot Unbreakable, the characteristic transformation of the hero introduced during the Eight Precepts arc.

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Kirishima nods to the girl and gives her a smile, satisfied that her classmate has remembered her evolution. The two shared the middle school period together, and often Kirishima saw Ashido as a source of inspiration, thanks to his strong heroic disposition as opposed to his lack of confidence and insecurity.

The author of My Hero Academia commented on the figures of Todoroki and Shigaraki. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia in the United States is achieving remarkable success.

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