My Hero Academia: Bakugo’s mom explodes in an Elizabeth Rage cosplay

A world like My Hero Academia has so many characters, mainly young people. In the spotlight of fans, including readers of the manga and viewers of the anime, there are undoubtedly the protagonist students such as Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki and many others. However, there was often room for adult heroes too.

Very often, however, civilian secondary characters are set aside. But the fans of My Hero Academia are many and therefore, when it comes to creating a cosplay, sometimes they fish for individuals created by Kohei Horikoshi who are not always the center of attention. This is the case of Elizabeth Rage who wanted to create a new My Hero Academia themed cosplay, after wearing a sexy Mei Hatsume in the past.

Mitsuki Bakugo is a character who rarely appeared in the manga and anime of My Hero Academia. Equipped with a particular quirk with which she always emits glycerin from the skin, which rejuvenates her a lot, she has a rebellious hairstyle like that of her son and seems to be the only one able to keep her at bay. The character has gained some popularity and that’s why they pop up on the net every now and then Bakugo’s mom cosplay like what you can see below. The various photos of Elizabeth Rage in this Instagram post quickly went viral, how did she manage to render the character?

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