My Hero Academia: Bakugo’s life at risk? Here’s what’s going on

The total war between Pro Heroes and Villain is one step away from the end, but between serious injuries and deaths, the battle sees only three figures still active: Deku, Shigaraki and Bakugo. Despite the numerical advantage, the forces of good of My Hero Academia they are not doing well.

Chapter 285 of My Hero Academia, released last weekend, saw Katsuki Bakugo finally become a hero in all respects. The explosive boy has put his life on the line to defend his “hated friend” Deku, who was about to succumb to the fury of the leader of the Villain.

Midoriya, exhausted after using the One For All 100%, was about to suffer a fatal blow, but suddenly Bakugo intercepted the attack. In order to save his rival’s life, the young hero moved instinctively. If you remember well, Midoriya did the same practically at the beginning of the series, when a slime monster attacked the city taking Bakugo hostage. The bill between the two is finally settled, but at what price?

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Following the blow received, Bakugo was pierced by two spikes, one in the shoulder and the other in the stomach. Given that the latter area is the seat of important vital organs, the boy’s future looks black. For My Hero Academia 286, the wait is sky high; Will Bakugo be able to survive?


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