My Hero Academia: are some heroes saved from death? Let’s find out who

The top 10 heroes of My Hero Academia presented a few years ago in the manga of Horikoshi – then resumed in the recent fourth season of the anime – had introduced us to some important figures. Almost all ten took part in the war against villains which is taking center stage in these last chapters of the manga.

Hawks, Mirko, Crust, Endeavor: there are many heroes who took part in the battle against Shigaraki’s army, but some have suffered serious injuries or even died. While Crust is definitely dead at the hands of Shigaraki’s decay, Hawks and Mirko had instead suffered very serious injuries that made them fear for their lives. In addition, recently Gran Torino was also seriously injured by Shigaraki in a scene that seemed to confirm his death.

My Hero Academia 283, however, has reassured about the condition of some of them. Hawks is still alive even if not conscious, while Mirko is awake and he’s trying to hold on. The same goes for Gran Torino which, as Deku points out, could recover if taken care of in time. The old hero who trained Toshinori is still conscious given that in the last phase of the chapter of My Hero Academia it recognizes the quirk that Deku is using, or the Float that belonged in the past to Nana Shimura.

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But it is only a matter of time, not everyone will be able to save themselves from this situation. The injuries are in fact very serious and help may not arrive quickly enough.


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